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White mug



White mug with print of your choice - with photo, company logo, texts or anything else.

Mug printing is done in a sublimation technique that provides multicolored printing.

Height: 92 mm​ 

Diameter: 82 mm 

Capacity: 330 ml 


Price for 1 pcs with print:

 Price for 1 pcs (without VAT)

Price for 1 pcs (with VAT)

5,00 EUR 4,12 EUR 6,05 EUR 4,99 EUR
10 4,30 EUR 4,12 EUR 5,20 EUR 4,99 EUR
25 4,00 EUR 4,84 EUR
50 3,50 EUR 4,24 EUR
100 3,00 EUR 3,63 EUR


Execution deadline - 2 business days if the model is in stock. If a particular model needs to be ordered from a supplier warehouse in Europe, then execution within 7-10 business days.

The prices are valid if all the print is the same.

The image is illustrative.

Please note that the settings on your computer screen affect product display options, so the color may differ slightly from the one shown in the picture!

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